We have all noticed that when we enter certain spaces, some are dark, others are light and in some we have the feeling that they are cold and others hot… these sensations/perceptions are related to lighting issues and the sensations of each individual… But after all, what is this about “dark spaces and bright spaces”, of “warm light and cold light”?! What should we choose and in what kind of environments to use?!

This designation of "warm light and cold light" is not related to the physical temperature that a light source may reach, which is measured in degrees Celsius (°C), but rather to the appearance of color that a hypothetical black body emits in that temperature, which is measured in degrees Kelvin (K). A blackbody heated to 2700K/3000K emits warm light (yellow) and a 4000K/5000K heated body emits cold light (white) and a body heated above 6500K emits light with a bluish tint.

Light is traditionally considered as cold, neutral or hot, each project must be analyzed individually in order to identify the characteristics that interfere with luminous comfort and opt for the most suitable light/color temperature for “your environment”!




In addition to aesthetics and design, what is the importance of color temperature in lighting an environment?!

This influences the performance of our daily activities and even our health... the human body is regulated by the circadian rhythm, which is the compass that governs the biological clock and is directly related to the influence that natural light has on human beings. .

Sunrise and sunset have a yellowish light that causes relaxation. Throughout the day we have an increase in the color temperature of sunlight that in the middle of the day reaches 6500K, increasing our concentration and performance in activities.


Relationship between everyday activities and the color temperature of sunlight

temperatura cor dia atividades

Since there is a relationship and a direct influence, for different environments we use different color temperatures.



When we want to encourage the moment of rest and relaxation, we recommend a warm color temperature.

casa de vila do conde

(House in Vila do Conde – ELECTRUM Lighting)


In work areas, such as kitchens, preference should be given to cold light, providing an active, clean and sanitized environment.


(House in Vila Nova de Famalicão – ELECTRUM Lighting)


In the health area (clinics and hospitals) a cold light (above 5000K) is also recommended, as they are places where tasks need attention and alert.

DSC 0426

(Trofa Saúde Hospital – ELECTRUM Lighting)


We were able to “manipulate” this natural light cycle with the installation of home automation and the use of LEDs with the so-called dynamic white - tunable white, allowing the color temperature to vary from a cold light to a warm light in the same light source. , thus creating environments according to the needs and preferences at each moment.

Since our mission is to develop lighting solutions, it is possible with most ELECTRUM products to choose the desired color temperature, according to the desired environment, in order to obtain the best light comfort!!!

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